Crafmanship & Services



Tayer Soshal has twelve workshops where the participants are trained into particular craft (job/line of work). The following workshops can be distinguished:

  • Repair of wicker chairs and Basket weaving;
  • Woodwork;
  • Nursery garden & Orchard;
  • Pottery making and Clay molding;
  • Tannery and Leatherwork;
  • Doll making;
  • Vegetable garden and;
  • Cattle farm.


There is also a ‘Landhuis’ (countryhouse) Team in charge of residence housekeeping and a Cafeteria Team.


Repair of wicker chairs and Basket weaving

In the beginning of the 20th century, wickerwork was customary on Catholic schools. Mainly hats were braided.

Unfortunately braiding of hats is less popular nowadays; its demand has visibly decreased. Though a small group still practices this technique, and holds on to this tradition.


On the Basketry department, the art of braiding is an undisputed craftsmanship.

The current collection consists of laundry baskets in two sizes;

  • The authentic laundry basket; mainly used during the Harvest Festival, known as “Seu”
  • Baby laundry baskets; mainly sold to florists who use this to display flowers


This department is quite popular on the island, especially for the repair of wicker chairs. Another reason for its popularity is the connection between the woodworking department. After the production of the chairs, these are send to basketry, where braiding takes place.

Feel free to contact us for production and repair of wicker products. 



Yearly the woodworking department receives a large number of mostly antique furniture, in particular cabinets, chairs (including rocking chairs) and tables for dining that need to be repaired, for restoration. Also, damaged contemporary wooden furniture can be fixed in the woodworking department.  


Besides restoring furniture, the woodworking department also produces handy craft products such as the maracas made from the calabash and other decorations made of coconut. The calabash products are beautifully hand painted by a participant. The paintings portray gorgeous sceneries of the island such as the ‘kas di kunuku’ (the typical small rural house), the harbor and the pontoon bridge (‘swinging lady’) in the city of Willemstad or the expressive human faces.


The woodworking department can repair your furniture or make you a custom made furniture or handy craft. Just contact us at …. and we’ll take your order.


Nursery garden & Orchard

Many avid gardeners have found their way into the nursery garden at Santa Martha, due to its great variety in indoor and outdoor plants. This nursery garden has something for everyone. From flowers to ornamental plants to very young fruit threes. There is even an orchid collection for those who love orchids.

This department is also responsible for the maintenance of the flowery gardens on the grounds of Tayer Soshal at Santa Martha.

A typical morning, starts by raking of the leaves. The leaves are used as soil for the plants and also to keep water in the plants through out the hot afternoon sun. The plants are well cared for, helping them grow into beautiful plants. Without a doubt these plants are exquisite, due to its professional care.

The department takes care of the orchard with fruit threes that belongs to the country house. Because the orchard is placed under water after every heavy rainfall, it is not always possible to work there. On those occasions the orchard team is deployed in departments where extra hands are needed.

Tayer Soshal Santa Martha is known for its gardening. This department also executes a garden cleaning project; a project that encourages the mentally/physical disabled to engage with this work on different locations, outside of Groot Santa Martha. Under professional care, the gardens are well taken care of for private individuals. This project has proven thruough out the years, to be success.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us at (email adres)


Pottery making and Clay molding

The department of pottery making and clay molding has a prominent place within Fundashon Tayer Soshal. Pottery making and clay molding work very close. The department is known for its ‘kas di kunuku’ and ‘landhuizen’ (country houses), the ‘konfó’ (=typical Curacao oven), the little incense burner, or the beautiful terra cotta carafes, vases or pots for plants that come in all shapes and sizes. There are a few turntables and there is a ceramic oven in this workshop.

If you have an idea for a specific ceramic product you would like to have us make, you can contact us at ….. We will design the product and have you agree on it prior to making it in the quantity you desire.  Some of these products are also sold in the gift shop.


Tannery and Leatherwork

The tannery department supplies processed leather (hairy or hairless) to the Leatherwork Department. It takes about 3 weeks to process goat or cow leather. Special machinery is used to during this process.

The leather processing department puts the leather obtained from the tannery department to good use. The leather processing department has a very extensive collection of leather products with exhausting possibilities. The assortment varies from bags, hats, caps, belts, purses, wallets, driver's license and passport-holders, leather covers for notebooks and bible, key chains, bookmarks up to conference folders. You name it, we make it. You can place your custom order and we will meet your wish. Many companies have ordered leather products for their staff as commemoration gift, or as Christmas present etc.

You can place an order entry for the item you wish to have made by the leather processing department.


Doll making

The doll department produces the famous typical Curaçao doll, known as “popchi pretu”, which means “black doll”. “Popchi pretu” is a doll made from black cloth, wearing the traditional colorful Curaçao folklore dress.  The hair is braided with infinite patience, head kerchiefs and hats are carefully placed on the doll’s head, lace dresses and jumpers are measured and sown to fit the dolls. The doll department started with an order of 275 dolls by Mr. Richard Heuther and soon after an order for a convention in Puerto Rico.


Nowadays the dolls, come in different colors shapes ans sizes, although preference is mostly given  the original black ones.  The dolls are a very pupular item for tourist.  The dolls (male and female) are available in the gift shop at Groot Santa Martha.


Vegetable garden

Nestled against the country house you will find the vegetable garden. The vegetable garden produces many vegetables and herbs, namely peppers, sweet potatoes, celery, cucumber, am soy, okra, tomato, spinach and potherbs.
Water from the well is used for irrigation. There is a total of five well spread across the area, from which two are most commonly used for different purposes. This provides considerable savings on water for the organization.


Cattle farm

The Cattle farm is one of the most impressive sections of the sheltered workshop for the nature lovers. Our animals are in good hands. A regular day consists of feeding of the animals, supplying the animals of their required vitamins, cleaning of the stalls, milking of the cows and so on. On the property you will spot different animals such as cows, sheep, goats, pigs, donkeys, horses and various tropical birds. Cows are milked, the milk is prepared in bottles and goes on the market for sale to various mini-market, supermarkets and small tokos. But you can also get milk from the sheltered workshop. Besides this you can place an order for cheese.

On a separate piece of land there is a petting zoo, which can be hired for children's parties and birthday parties. We do our utmost to take good care of our animals.


Residence Housekeeping

Making sure that the large property of Groot Santa Martha stays clean, this is where the cleaning staff of Fundashon Tayer Soshal steps in. All the facilities on the property are kept tidy, including the working facilities and lavatories.

Working in line with the events department, the cleaning staff assists with the events and all facilities allocated to the events, by keeping the hygiene on a high level. The team is rewarded for every extra shift, next to their standard payment.



Another facility at Groot Santa Marta is the cafeteria.

Thirsty or hungry?

Refreshments and snacks are available in the Cafeteria. Beside juice, cold beer and a glass of wine, lemon juice and fresh tamarind juice can be ordered. Both breakfast and lunch can be served to you. The cafeteria or café is a place which offers a great variety of breakfast and lunch specials, catering to employees, program participants and visitors.

Fundashon Tayer Soshal offers a program which trains the employees in the hotel and catering industry. The aim of the program is to train the participants in such a manner, that they can participate on the labor market.

Aside from the day-by-day work performance, their assistance with the preparation for events is also required. This increases their ability to fully function on the regular labor market.