Gift Shop

Near the entrance of Groot Santa Martha, you will discover a small shop on the right hand side of the property. A shop is filled with various handcrafted articles produced in the workshops on the property by people who are either physically and/or mentally disabled The handcrafted articles are articles such as the "popchi pretu", leather articles, clay articles and many more.


Aside from this we also have the book about Groot Santa Martha, named 'Santa Martha Grandi: The story of a plantation', written by Eddy Baetens & Charles do Rego, available in the shop.


We also have a book containing a compilation of previous craftsmanship; images of customized and standard articles can be viewed back in this book. Ask us to take look in this book, and select or use these as ideas to produce the article(s) of your preference.


This shop also functions as an informational facility, for queries regarding repair of furniture, tours, events and many more. Recently the store has been refurbished to a much more appealing look, with its furniture and trademark articles. Nowadays the articles are much more accessible.


With the transformation, also came showcasing of art pieces from local artist, in the shop. Local artists have donated an art piece to the shop as gift to serve as part of the interior of shop and simultaneously show their support for Fundashon Tayer Soshal. Both the transformation and the cooperation with local artist has been an initiative of JCI IOBA Curacao, an organization of young professionals between 18 and 40 years, committed to bring positive change in our community. As a visitor, you can find handicraft made by the participants and admire art pieces from various local designers, all in one place.


Whether you had great experience on the property of Groot Santa Martha or are looking for selected items, the shop is the place to be for that souvenir of craft product. For more information, please pass by our shop or contact us.


Opening Hours Mondays to Sundays:

Time: 7.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Contact Details Tel. (5999) 864-1323

Fax (5999) 864-2788