Aside from all the rich and beautiful agriculture, culture, history and the positive benefits available on the property of Groot Santa Martha, Fundashon Tayer Soshal has much to offer as to where events can be realized. Events by Fundashon Tayer Soshal are equivalent to service and quality, in an ambience where nature and history meet. We make sure that your event will be unforgettable.


The events Fundashon Tayer Soshal has to offer are limitless.


On the 17 ha property you will discover working spaces, petting zoo, farm, shop, museum, café, sport field and conference rooms. Many of the furniture pieces as well as the areas have been preserved in their original state, tracing back from the 17th century. Each area has a truly historic feel, which can be felt all over.


The following areas can be rented out for events;

  • Landhuis
  • Conference room
  • Terrace
  • Plantation
  • Sport field
  • Petting zoo and Children’s playground
  • Wooden bus called ‘Nanzi’


Many type of events can take place on all the areas. In total eight (8) types of events are described; click on the links below and learn more:

  • Personal Celebrations
  • Corporate
  • General Parties
  • Cultural Artistic
  • Tours
  • Team Activities & Retreats
  • Extra Services
  • Schools and Non-Profit

For more information of the facilities we have to offer, contact our Events Department at 5999 864-7287 or 5999 523-7329 or e-mail us at