Testimonial Wedding Celebration by Nihayla Viljainen


How did you hear of Fundashon Tayer Soshal (FTS), and why did you choose FTS for your wedding?

Originally I’m from Curacao and my husband from Finland, where we are currently living.

Through ought the years my affection for my roots has increasingly grown. For my wedding I was seeking for my origin to be best portrayed, and a landhuis best portrayed the characteristics of our rich culture. On the internet I came across FTS, which met all our requirements; coconut palm trees, cayenne flowers, hills filled with cactuses, small “kunuku” houses, water mills and ruins of previous landhuis.

Since my mother lives in Curacao, she visited the landhuis and met with the staff; shortly afterwards the decision was final… My wedding celebration would take place at Groot Santa Martha.

I liked the services FTS offered, especially the versatility of its services. I could bring my own catering, entertainment, decorating team to Groot Santa Martha, where my multi cultural wedding took place.




How did you experience FTS’ services?

FTS employees, Myrellis Weert and Dini Dos Santos, are professional, service-oriented and friendly. From the phone conversations to personal contact, I could feel the passion and dedication Myrellis Weert and Dini Dos Santos shared with me and my wedding. They truly helped realize my dream wedding.


What were you and your guests’ reaction on FTS’ products?

I only received positive remarks from all my guests; living in Finland, Russia, Latvia, The Netherlands and Curaçao. As for my friends and family, who live in Curaçao, I knew they were blown away, since they didn’t oppose to take a trip to Banda Bou. The trip was more than worth it.


What did you like the most of FTS?

The beauty of the landhuis and its surrounding brought a serene ambience.